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International Charcoal S.A.S. has been established as a manufacturer of the best charcoal company based in Barranquilla, Colombia. International Charcoal S.A.S. has exported over one thousand tons of charcoal to multiple destinations around the world and has built a strong relationship with its customers abroad for the excellent quality of its charcoal products.

International Charcoal S.A.S. has been manufacturing Charcoal for over two years growing up step by step over the years thanks to its outstanding quality product offering. Today International Charcoal S.A.S. is one of the largest Charcoal Products exporters in Colombia.

Our charcoal is a product of the best hardwood species such as Aromo, Truplillo, Ebony, Puy, and others heavy species; We have taken special care in the process of filtration and packaging to achieve the quality that characterizes us until today. Furthermore our company follows Colombian regulations to export a high quality product.